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The Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) space requires intense strategic planning. The reason being is that the growth of industry regulations and the excruciating details and volume of GRC requirements force us to think strategically or else. We must have a comprehensive portfolio of GRC strategies in order to stay ahead of the fray.

We often think of GRC strategies as football plays. They need to be fully documented, well-timed, incredibly well-coordinated, understood by all those that execute them, and a whole lot more. Take GRC convergence, for instance. This strategy requires an enterprise-wide vision and an enterprise-wide process that dovetails seamlessly with all enterprise functions. This is almost akin to a set of football plays all by itself. How are RuleSphere and partners tackling GRC (pun intended)? We are building upon our successive year over year growth in rolling out solid strategies for assisting GRC professionals in leading and guiding the development of the enterprise playbook for GRC strategic planning. We started this collaborative process with our portfolio of GRC services, now we are expanding our services to span all aspects of GRC. Now our GRC playbook will provide an overarching umbrella for all enterprise functions and the central GRC program office that your company may have put in place.