New Member-Based Community for GRC Pro’s and Their Clients


Phil Wilson
RuleSphere International, Inc.
phil (at) rulsphere (dot) com

RuleSphere Launches New Member-Based Community for GRC Pro’s and Their Clients

Harvard, Massachusetts; August 1st, 2013

RuleSphere International, Inc. (RuleSphere); announces their new web-based services organization, “The GRC Sphere”, which serves Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) professionals with a range of web services that promote and enhance communication and collaboration between GRC service providers and global organizations that need to hire them. The business objective behind The GRC Sphere is that of “service intermediation”. This “match-making role” enables prospective clients to identify and validate hard-to-find experts anywhere around the globe no matter what the legal jurisdiction may be, or what the business challenge may be across the three domains of governance, risk and compliance.

GRC Sphere services guide prospective clients with the establishment of “best practices” that address business continuity, disaster recovery, corporate resilience, security, fraud prevention, internal audit, risk assessment and many other process areas, well in advance of a crisis situation. The world is a getting riskier day-by-day and crimes are on the rise across all areas of concern. Whether the crimes are committed by part-time workers, sole hackers, internal rogue employees, nation state crime syndicates or other offshore crime organizations… they all have the potential to take a corporation “to its knees” through any number of physical or Internet crimes.

Overall, The GRC Sphere helps companies to 1.) identify hard-to-find GRC experts, 2.) address potential crimes based on existing risks, vulnerabilities and emerging threats, and 3.) help the client to take a very proactive 3rd party services “stance” in order to address low probability, high impact events like terrorism, cyber hacking, and other nefarious acts. GRC Sphere services help to position clients with well thought out, global configurations of 3rd party support organizations. External resources such as these are critically important in fleshing out the clients’ custom “GRC support ecosystem” based on the provinces, states, and countries that the company does business in. Another significant benefit, too, is to help the client to reduce their overall costs of compliance by leveraging 3rd party support organizations when and where it makes best business sense. This includes full-time and part-time resources, on-call experts, project and program-based resources and even “virtual” team-members.

The GRC Sphere management invites GRC service providers and prospective clients to contact the firm to receive an initial list of service categories that will be used to “showcase” the service providers and to organize the clients’ projects and programs. Please contact Phil Wilson at 1(978)456-8253 or for details.


About The GRC Sphere
The GRC Sphere is a member-based organization that addresses GRC “service intermediation”; the technical term for GRC service match-making. The GRC Sphere helps GRC service providers to advertise their services through the Global Directory of GRC Service Providers, The GRC Showcase of Service Providers, 3-D Google Earth and 2-D Google Maps. Prospective clients can post projects and programs on GRC service bulletin boards. Each posting defines service requirements, distance requirements to gage proximity and even tag projects and programs by various states of project / program progression (RFI, RFP, etc.).